Our Branch on the Family Tree

Family is a wonderful thing and ours is growing. Members of our family have deep roots on four continents... North America, Europe, South America and Asia.

The family of Bob and Linda Rossi

Michael and Dolly, Bob and Linda, David and Erica
and Michelle and Jason

The family of Dominic and Dolly Rossi

Jim, Diana, Bob, Mom, Sam, Deborah and Fred on one
of those rare occasions when we are all together

The family of Jim and Darlene Rossi

Jim and Darlene Rossi surrounded clockwise from the top row by
Jason and Rachel, Rebekah and Ryan, Aaron, Breanna and AJ

Celebrating a Birthday Milestone!

Bob Rossi celebrating
his 60th birthday

Linda Rossi and granddaughter, Alexandra

Linda Rossi and granddaughter, Madison

Lillian, Lillian (Dolly) and Dolly


Family News

Michael Rossi got married on Nov. 11, 2006

Kristianne Stanley and Jon Harper are getting married on Dec. 30, 2006

Kristianne's Wedding Shower is Dec. 9, 2006