The faces of our family

Family portraits - The Family Kitchen style.

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Pictures from various family events (Click on any of the pictures for a larger image):

David Rossi

Bob Rossi

Deborah Stanly and sister
Diana Endow

Michelle Rolish and brother
Michael Rossi

Jason Rolish

Alexandra Rolish

Madison Rolish

Linda Rossi's 60th Birthday Party

Amelia Townsend born February 6, 2007

Michael and Dolly Rossi married on November 11, 2006
Michael & Dolly wedding pictures

Michael & Dolly in traditional Laos wedding ceremony

Kristianne Stanley and Jon Harper married on December 30, 2006 Kristianne & Jon wedding pictures

Thanksgiving 2006 Pictures


Amelia and Rebekah Townsend

Ryan Townsend reading to Amelia

Sam Rossi

Samantha Rossi and cousin Zoe

Tyson Rossi and daughter Zoe

Kyle Rossi

Lillian Rossi

Lillian's son Tyler Hengen

Tawny and Dolly


Keith Endow, never far from
a real estate deal

Joshua Endow, a student at
Cal Poly Pomona

Nathan Endow, a 2007
high school graduate

Charissa Endow

Dolly Rossi

Grandma Dolly Rossi

Sheneau Stanley telling his
joke about the talking dog

Shalen Stanley

Steve, Tia and Amariah at 4th
of July Celebration in Griffin, GA