Pictures from recent family events

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Pictures from various family events (Click on any of the pictures for a larger image):

Diana and Charissa Endow at
Grandma Rossi's.

Tyson Rossi and daughter Zoe

Grandma Dolly Rossi, Deborah
Stanley, Charissa and Diana Enodow
and Linda Rossi

Linda Rossi's 60th Birthday Party

Amelia Townsend born February 6, 2007

Michael and Dolly Rossi married on November 11, 2006
Michael & Dolly wedding pictures

Michael & Dolly in traditional Laos wedding ceremony

Kristianne Stanley and Jon Harper married on December 30, 2006 Kristianne & Jon wedding pictures

Thanksgiving 2006 Pictures


Jon Harper and Kristianne got
married on December 30, 2006

Cousins Alexandra Rolish and
Kristianne Stanley Harper
at Michael and Dolly's
engagement party

Jim Rossi, Aaron Rossi, Grandma Rossi, Rebekah Townsend and Darlene Rossi during a recent trip to Las Vegas in 2006.

Jim and Bob Rossi with their
mother, Dolly Rossi

Zoe and Erin Rossi celebrating
Zoe's 2nd birthday in July 07

Erika and Dolly making guacamole

Joey, Tony and Megan Rossi at their
Aunt Dolly Rossi's 80th birthday party

Avery Rossi, daughter of Tony and Megan, in the Pumpkin Patch

Tom Rossi visiting Aunt Dolly

Linda Rossi, Alexandra Rolish
and Dolly Rossi