Old Family Pictures

We would love to share old photographs as we get them.

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Grandma Dolly Rossi with her mother, Minnie Hudson,
sister, Edit Hero children in the front, DeNell, Evelyn
and Richard. Photo approx. 1937.

Dolly Rossi 8 or 9

Grandma Dolly Rossi on the tracks, age 7 or 8.

Richard Hero, Dolly Hudson (Rossi), Evelyn Hero,
and DeNell Hero. About 1940.

DeNell Hero, Minnie Hudson, Edith Hero, Dolly Hudson,
Tom and Richard. Photo taken about 1940.

Edith Hero and sister, Dolly Hudson (Dolly Rossi)
approx. 1939.


Minnie Hudson, Dolly Hudson, a cousin of Edith,
Edith Hero and DeNell, Tom and Richard in the front.
Photo taken about 1939.

DeNell Hero, Minnie Hudson, Evelyn Hero, Edith Hero,
Dolly Hudson with Richard Hero standing from on Edith.
Photo taken about 1934.

Minnie and Arthur Bowles with daughter Edith.
Photo take approximately 1910.

Dolly Rossi playing with her dolly and her
cousin Richard Hero. Photo approx. 1934.

Dolly Hudson 8 or 9 years old

Joe Hudson, Dolly Rossi's father. Date unknown.