"Mangia, mangia (eat, eat)!", our grandmother, Lucia Rossi, used to say.

Thank you for visiting The Family Kitchen and sharing our family's culinary diversity. Family and extended family members in the USA, Italy, Brazil, The Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Canada, and now Laos all have one thing in common -- we all eat well.

We have a large family that is scattered throughout the world and welcome recipes from family and friends to add to our growing collection of family recipes.

We got the idea for this site a few years ago when our cousin Antonella, who was visiting from her home near Milano, Italy, was in Grandma Rossi's kitchen making chicken alla cacciatore.

Three generations and thousands of miles removed, Antonella was following a recipe that was almost the same as our grandmother's. Our grandmother and our cousin's grandfather were brother and sister who had not seen each other since 1922.

Some of our family still uses recipes that the Forte family enjoyed in Southern Italy in the little hill top town of Noepoli over 100 years ago. Throughout the family there are old recipes and new recipes... some handed down for generations and others just invented for a special occasion.

Others are fortunate to enjoy the incredible creations of professional chefs like Michael Rossi, Executive Chef at the World Class Ambrosia Restaurant, in Santa Ana, California and his brother David Rossi, Pastry Chef at Oysters Restaurant, in Corona del Mar, CA.

We want you to enjoy the recipes that we have gathered from our diverse family members as much as we do.

Please try the recipes and send us your comments.

Visit us often. We will be updating on a regular basis. When we were growing up our friends were always welcome for dinner. If you have a recipe that you would like to share with our friends and family we would be happy to add it to our growing list of recipes.

Now if you will just pull up a chair and join us around The Family Kitchen table we can enjoy good food and fellowship together ...

Featured Recipe

Four Bean Backed Beans

A new twist on an old recipe

Featured Recipes

Texas Caviar with Avocado

Cranberry Relish

Cream Puffs

Artichoke Dip

La Gaufre de Liège
Another kind of Belgium Waffle


Shirley Potatoes


Creamed Corn

Zabaglione with Fresh Strawberries

Parmesan Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

Salmon on a Cedar Plank with White Asparagus and Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Pear and Chocolate Cake
with Amaretti Cookies

Handmade Saffron Tagliorini (Angel Hair)
with Dungeness Crab Essence

Blue Cheese Grapes

Chicken Soup

Michael, Bob and David Rossi

What ever the occasion, there is no excuse for not enjoying a great meal with your family around The Family Kitchen.

Look for new and old delicious recipes from our world wide family and friends.

Fun Menus, recipes and tips for those special occasions.

Learn how to make the recipes just like we do around The Family Kitchen.

News and Events

Michael Rossi is the Featured Chef in July 2007 on Melissa's /World Variety Produce. Inc. website Melissas.com

Tom and Marianne Rossi were married in Redlands, CA March 7, 2007

Linda Rossi's 60th Birthday Party

Amelia Townsend born February 6, 2007

Michael and Dolly Rossi married on November 11, 2006
Michael & Dolly wedding pictures

Michael & Dolly in traditional Laos wedding ceremony

Wedding bells will be ringing for David Rossi and Erika Mueller on September 15, 2007

Kristianne Stanley and Jon Harper married on December 30, 2006 Kristianne & Jon wedding pictures

Michael Rossi in the November 9, 2006 issue of OC Metro magazine

Ambrosia Restaurant featured in December 2006 issue of Orange Coast magazine

Alexandra Rolish and her team competed in Nationals in Las Vegas in March and did well.