Pictures of Jon and Kristianne's
wedding and Reception

Orange flavored cream puffs made the day
in place of a traditional of a wedding cake

Jon is from Texas and just now learning to eat cream puffs

Kristianne dancing with Grandma Rossi along with
Kristianne's sister Deborah-Anne and cousin Alexandra Rolish


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We will put all of the pictures and video from the Wedding and the reception on a DVD as a keepsake for Kristianne and Jon and their families. If you took pictures at ceremony or reception please send them to:

Kristianne and her Grandma Rossi

Kristianne's grandparents,
Dortheal and Jerry Stanley

Jon's brothers Zak, Nick, and his father, Darrell
are on the back row. In the front are Nick's wife,
Gabriella, and friend

Kristianne wanted something unusual for her
"wedding cake". Her cousin, David Rossi, made a Croquenbush, a towering pyramid of cream puffs
held together with strands of caramel.

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