Additional Pictures of Michael and Dolly's
traditional Laos wedding Ceremony.

Michael and Dolly are all smiles

Traditional Laos wedding ceremony

Michaels's father, Bob Rossi, tying string on Michael

Proud parents Bob and Linda Rossi with Michael and Dolly

David Rossi, Grandma "Dolly" Rossi and Michael

It was Dolly's dream from the time she was a little girl
to have a traditional Laos wedding. The wedding was
done in loving memory of her grandfather seen here
with her grandparents at Dolly and Michael's engagement
party in September 2006.

Michael's mother tying string on his hand

More smiles

Michael receiving gold necklace from Dolly's father

Cutting the Cake

David keeping the sun off of Michael

Aunt Bonnie kept everyone informed

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The official wedding was held at:
St. John's Lutheran Church of Orange, CA
on November 11, 2006

Wedding Pictures