Chef Michael Rossi

Michael Rossi on the French coast in 2005

"In thinking about my own cooking style, I am always pulled to the MARKET.

This is a place where people gather to find the best, fresh and seasonal ingredients.

I have always found a marketplace wherever my culinary travels have taken me across the globe from Orange County, CA to San Francisco to Maui, HI to Los Angeles and to Italy. The marketplace is that one special part of town where a public market is set up. You can always find the very best fresh, locally grown products, including produce, fish and meat.

Christophe Chateau, Director of the 5 Côtes of Bordeaux, and Michael in the market

I would say, then, that my cooking style reflects the SEASONAL MARKETPLACE.

Not only cooking food from a particular country but embracing the special bounty of each season, always using the best available products and cooking the food from that country with perfection!"

Michael Rossi picking grapes in Bordeaux, France in September 2005 while on scholarship from the Jean-Louis Pallidan Foundation

Sage Roasted Veal Chop on Chestnut and Parsnip Stew with Porcini Mushrooms

From Chef Michael Rossi

A veal chop never had it so good


4 each - Veal Chops

1 ounce - Sage

1/4 pound - Chestnuts, roasted

3 each - Parsnips, peeled, roasted

1/4 pound - Ciopollini Onions, roasted

1/4 pound - Butternut Squash, peeled, roasted

1/2 pound - Porcini Mushrooms, roasted
4 ounce - Veal Bacon, lardons

2 ounce - Herbs (thyme, parley and savory)

1/4 pound - Garlic, cloves, roasted

2 cups - Veal Sauce, scented with Zinfandel and mushrooms

to taste - Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper


Marinate the veal chops with sage.

Season with salt and pepper and pan sear the veal chops in a sauté pan and cook to temperature in oven.

Separately roast all the vegetables and add together with veal bacon to assemble stew.

Add sauce to bind and season to taste with salt and fresh ground pepper and herbs.

To plate:  Place the stew down in the middle of the plate and top with veal chop.  Garnish with veal sauce and fried sage leaves.

Serves 4

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Interesting Facts!

Michael Rossi

Michael is the Executive Chef at Ambrosia, an historic Orange County restaurant formerly located in Newport Beach, CA but now located a the at the OC Pavilion in Santa Ana, CA.

During the baseball season Michael was the Executive Sous Chef at Angels Stadium in the Diamond Club in Anaheim California.

Professional Education:
California Culinary Academy
San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.

  • Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in the Culinary Arts


  • Danielle Carlisle Walker Award
    Comprehensive President’s List

  • Perfect Attendance Award

  • 1996 Scholarship Recipient of the James Beard Foundation

Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners Costigliole d’Asti (AT), Italy

  • Master’s Program in Italian Cuisine

Court of Master Sommeliers
Guild of Sommeliers

  • Court of Master Sommeliers Introductory Course Examination


  • Nutrition for Food Service Managers

  • Safety & Sanitation

  • Menu & Facilities Planning

  • Food and Beverage Cost Control

  • Hospitality Human Resources Management

*National Restaurant Association

2005 Jean-Louis Pallidin Foundation Intern Scholarship Award