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Olives All'Ascolana (Fried Olives)

Chef Michael Rossi


1 pound - Breadcrumbs (4 oz. for mixture and the rest for breading)
1 cup - Chicken Stock
4 ounces - Pancetta
2 ounces - Olive Oil
4 ounces - Pork
6 ounces - Beef
1 tablespoon - Tomato Paste
2 ounces - Herbs (parsley, thyme and chervil)
4 each - Eggs
6 ounces - Parmesan Cheese
to taste - Cinnamon
to taste - Nutmeg
to taste - Salt and fresh ground pepper
50 each - Green Olives (large in brine)
1 cup - All Purpose Flour
1 1/4 cup - Breadcrumbs
Olive Oil for deep frying


The Stuffing

  • Soak 4 tablespoons. of breadcrumbs in the stock

  • Sauté the pancetta in the olive oil to render the fat.  Add the pork and beef and sauté as well.

  • Dilute the tomato paste with some lukewarm water and add it to the meat and cook until tender.

  • Then grind all these ingredients in a food processor along with one egg, parmesan cheese, herbs and soaked breadcrumbs.  Mix well.

  • Season to taste with cinnamon, nutmeg and salt and pepper

  • Stuff the pitted olives with this mixture

Frying the olives

  • Coat the olives using the standard breading procedure with the flour, remaining three eggs and breadcrumbs.

  • Deep-fry in plenty of olive oil until crisp.

  • Drain and serve hot.

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