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Blue Cheese Grapes
from Chef Michael Rossi


1/4 lb. - Bleu Cheese
1/4 lb. - Cream Cheese
1/2 lb. - Pistachios, shelled and roasted and crushed
1 Cluster - Thompson seedless grapes


  • Allow both the bleu cheese and cream cheese to get to room temperature.
  • Blend the bleu cheese and the cream cheese together in a large bowl. (The bleu cheese is "chunkier" and will take a little effort to blend to a near creamy consistency.)
  • Cover the grapes with a coating of the cheese mixture. Put a small amount of the cheese mixture into the palm of your hand and using your other hand roll the grape until the cheese covers the whole grape. If you wet your fingers and the palm of your hand before you roll each grape the process will go smoother.
  • Place the grapes into a pan row by row and then put a sheet of waxed paper on top of them and begin the next rows of the cheese covered grapes.
  • Put the grapes in the refrigerator to cool them down so that they are less sticky.
  • Put the pistachios in a food processor and grind the nuts so that they are slightly granular. Don't grind them too much because the oil in the nuts will cause the ground nuts to cake.
  • Roll the bleu cheese / cream cheese covered grapes in the pistachios to cover the entire grape.
  • Keep grapes cool until ready to serve.
  • Makes about 120 grapes.

For a special effect use the vine from the grapes and arrange the grapes in a bowl to look like a grape cluster.

Michelle Rolish suggests that you also try replacing the grapes with small cherry tomatoes unique twist on the taste.


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