Thanksgiving 2006

Fond memories at Grandma's house for Thanksgiving
J.L.G. Ferris's painting "First Thanksgiving"

Amariah, Uncle Cory and Grandpa (Fred Rossi)
Thanksgiving in Georgia

A happy Amariah awaiting her Thanksgiving Feast in Georgia

David Rossi, Jason Rolish, Sam Rossi and Sheneau Stanley,
"the old guys", team up for the traditional game of bocce.

Shalen Stanley, Jon Harper, Barak Stanley and
Asher Stanley, "the young guys" putting up a good game

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More Thanksgiving Pictures

Thanksgiving Menu at Grandma Rossi's

Roast Turkey
Grandma Rossi

Prime Rib
Linda Rossi

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Grandma Rossi

Green Bean Casserole
Linda Rossi

Creamed Corn
Michelle Rolish

Cranberry Relish
Grandma Rossi

Spinach Casserole
Michelle Rolish

Sautéed Mushrooms
The women of the kitchen

Sweet Potatoes
Kristianne Stanley

Deborah Stanley

Home Made Rolls
Grandma Rossi

Carrot Cake
Deborah Stanley

Bread Pudding
David Rossi

Pumpkin Pie
Lillian Rossi

Assorted Sweets

Grandma Rossi and daughter Deborah Stanley

Cousins Madison Rolish, Deborah Ann Stanley,
Asher Stanley and Samantha Rossi

Norman Rockwell's "Freedom From Want" is one
of the most famous of all Thanksgiving pictures.