Pictures of Michael and Dolly's
wedding and Reception

Dolly and Michael Rossi

Ladies of the wedding party:
Alexandra Rolish, Holly Nophaenkham, Becca Edwards, Michelle Rolish, Dolly, Nikki Hassan, Erika Mueller, Rashelle Brown and Flower Girls, Natalia Zagha and Madison Rolish

Men of the wedding party:
Blake Bailey, David Rossi, Michael Rossi, Andy Daniel;
Jason Rolish, Brian Rich, Jeff Oliva and Toffee Nophaenkham
in the back row

The wedding was celebrated be held at:
St. John's Lutheran Church of Orange, CA
on November 11, 2006

Dolly and Michael

Michael and Best Man David Rossi

Dolly's brother Toffee Nophaenkham
and father of the bride Chandy Nophaenkham

Additional Pictures

Pictures of Michael and Dolly's
traditional Laos Wedding

We will put all of the pictures and video from the Church Wedding and the Laos Wedding on a DVD as a keepsake for Dolly and Michael and their families. If you took pictures at either ceremony please send them to: