Pictures of Michael and Dolly's
wedding and Reception

Bob Rossi, Michelle Rolish, David Rossi and Linda Rossi
Dolly and Michael Rossi

Holly, sister of the bride; father, Chandy; Toffee,
brother of the bride and Malay Vilaysane, mother of the bride
with Michael and Dolly

Michael and mother Linda Rossi

We will put all of the pictures and video from the Church Wedding and the Laos Wedding on a DVD as a keepsake for Dolly and Michael and their families. If you took pictures at either ceremony please send them to:


Leaving the church for the reception

Michael with cousin Samantha Rossi, niece
Madison Rolish and cousin Allyson Leon

Michael and his new father-in-law Chandy

One of the stained glass windows in
St. John's Lutheran Church, Orange, CA.
The window was originally installed when
the church was built in 1914. The window was
taken down and restored in 2005.

Additional Wedding Pictures

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Pictures of Michael and Dolly's
traditional Laos Wedding